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Mind Body Executive Wellness Programs


Meta Mind Body Programs are based on leading edge research from the worlds best Universities and Medical Schools. The programs draw heavily from research conducted at both Harvard and Massachusetts Medical School’s along with Chicago University.


These programs show professionals and executives how to use behavioral change strategies to increase their resilience to stress and integrate both mind and body to achieve peak performance.


Programs take the form of either:

  1. A three day workshop Mind Body Performance, or

  2. Individual Performance Coaching programs delivered through one on one sessions, or

  3. A combination of workshop and coaching.

The fastest results are achieved by combining the workshop and coaching approach. All programs result in an increased experience of "Flow" for the participant and increased productivity and morale for the organization.  The experience of Flow has been articulated by the world expert Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi.

Flow occurs when our mind and body is stretched to the limits in the pursuit of a worthwhile and meaningful goal. It is created when the relationship between our skill level and the challenge of our task are perfectly matched, or the task just exceeds the goal.


However for many of us, much of the time, the challenge is a too high and we experience anxiety or the challenge is too low and we feel bored. To reap the benefits of consistently performing at our best we need to learn to manage the anxiety that is inherent in challenge. 


Doing this in a typical environment of rapid change requires executives to continuously apply highly developed intellectual and emotional skills.


The Meta Mind Body programs will introduce you to a six step process that supports you to do that and to increase your performance through the experience of Flow. The six steps are explored and applied to the real challenges you face. The result is a new level of performance and the ability to manage higher levels of challenge. 

Mind Body Performance 


The Meta Mind Body Performance workshop helps individuals perform at a consistently high level in challenging environments. 


The approach is to teach people world's best practice in High Performance.This includes stress resilience, but the focus is on how to gain, maintain and extend high levels of achievement.

Sustainable high performance is the result of creating the right physical, mental and emotional conditions. This program shows participants how to create those conditions within a corporate environment.

The approach is based on theoretical principles developed by the Institute of Mind Body Medicine at The Harvard University Medical School.


This three day course provides participants with an individualized program covering all aspects of high performance, from nutritional strategies to managing high levels of stress and the development of emotional flexibility and enhanced creativity.

Who should attend?
Mind Body  Performanceis for the executive whose personal performance equals productivity, contribution and reward for both themselves and their organization, and for whom a high level of personal well-being is essential.

Program Outline
This program will include: 

  • Understanding performance, achieving “flow”

  • Personal visions, values and goals 

  • Motivation and behavioural flexibility 

  • Physiological resilience through meditation, nutrition and exercise

  • Psychological control through cognition, emotion and beliefs

  • Sophisticated emotional literacy through mindfulness and dialogue 

  • Initiating and sustaining action.

How will participants benefit?
Participant outcomes will include: 

  • Improved performance 

  • Greater confidence and presence

  • Increased productivity and engagement 

  • Improved health ,vitality and energy 

  • Stronger interpersonal relationships 

  • Increased confidence and motivation.

  • Increased positivity and humor 

  • Enhanced creativity and resilience

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