Driving better performance across the entire organisation

My Leadership Performance Programs are based on leading edge research conducted at both Harvard and Massachusetts Medical Schools along with Sydney University.


These programs show executives how to use behavioral change and coaching psychology strategies to increase their resilience to stress and integrate both mind and body to achieve peak performance. My book "Buddha in Pinstripes" integrates my PhD research into these leadership programs to assist executives to lead effectively and with purpose amidst uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity.

Programs take the form of

  1. A workshop (1-3 days), or

  2. Individual programs delivered through one on one sessions, or

  3. A combination of workshop and coaching.

The fastest results are achieved by combining the workshop and coaching approach. All programs result in an increased experience of "Flow" (as described by world expert Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi) for the participant and increased productivity and morale for the organization.