Mindfulness Research

Leadership in uncertainty: The mindfulness solution

... addresses how leaders can prepare their organisations to address disruption in the context of massive social change and reduced personal support


published in Organizational Dynamics

The Wheel of Mindfulness

... integrates the theoretical framework presented in ‘Buddha in Pinstripes’ with current and emerging approaches to developing mindful leadership capabilities and programs.

published in Mindfulness

Job Performance

... a quantitative empirical field study of 120 Australian leaders’ mindfulness (trait) and performance in uncertain environments. It identifies a positive relationship between mindfulness, self-mastery and ability to manage organisational transformation. Consideration of the quantitative aspects of research into mindfulness and performance highlight the positive and negative aspects of the narrow perspective required for this type of investigation and the opportunity inherent in a broader understanding of the constructs involved.

published in Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management

Collusion with Denial

... a qualitative pilot field study that demonstrates the significance of reflection and suggests that the methods commonly used to measure leadership development are neither comprehensive nor well targeted, to the point where what is measured is often not what is needed in uncertain environments.

published in Journal of Management Development

Mindfulness at Work

... provides a critical cross-disciplinary review of the literature on mindfulness in organisations. The paper identifies and provides a perspective for situating the established mindful leadership literature and research within a more comprehensive overview of the exploding, confusing and contested literature that has emerged on mindfulness and its contributions.

Published in Organization

Tales from the field: Mindful leadership research

... reports the findings of an auto-ethnographic study on the methodological issues raised by the field research conducted into mindfulness and leadership performance.

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