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Meta has applied the science of behavioral change to the challenges facing today’s managers who are also coaches. 


Changing behaviour is difficult and learning to coach is no exception. For most managers learning to coach, it will take three to six months for their new behaviours to feel natural and authentic. This transition is achieved more rapidly and successfully when the coach has personalized support.



The coach learning journey during this development program involves a mix of workshop style training, action learning projects and individual coaching sessions. 


Meta ensures its coach development programs are tailored to the individual and organization’s needs. 


Programs include Manager as Coach and role specific programs such as Coaching Sales Excellence.


Benefits of any of these programs for the organization and its people include:

  • Increased commitment to company vision and goals

  • Decreased staff turnover and conflict 

  • Increased commitment to learning and development 

  • Greater self direction and accountability    

  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm

  • Good workplace communication, co-operation and trust

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency

  • Improved sales results.



These programs can dramatically improve individual and team performance as well as provide exceptional ROI on training dollars for the organization. 

Manager as Coach 


The Meta Manager as Coach program facilitates performance enhancement through greater self-awareness, more effective interactions and an improved capability to grow people through coaching.

This program is built on evidence-based models of behavioral change and develops a solution-focused approach to the coaching opportunity. 


Who Should Attend?

People currently or potentially holding middle-manager and team leader roles will benefit from this program.


Program Outline


The program will define coaching and the qualities of a successful manager/coach, demonstrate the skill and reinforce the benefits of coaching as a management tool.


The skill-development element of this program will include: 

  • Leveraging insight and self awareness 

  • Goal setting and achievement

  • Active listening

  • Powerful questions

  • Giving difficult feedback

  • Building rapport

  • Solution focused conversations

  • Managing conflict 


The program will incorporate a mix of information sharing, workshop activities, and self-analysis and practice sessions.  Buddy teams and peer relationships will be developed to create a continuous learning loop after this development program.


Program benefits

People who coach are rewarded with more time for strategic activities due to greater pro-activity and resourcefulness from your teams.


Through coaching, your organisation is rewarded with increased employee commitment, reduced absenteeism and greater performance.


When you coach, you will gain improved motivation, self-confidence and work satisfaction for both yourself and your team. 


Role Specific Programs


Some management roles make coaching more challenging than others.  Roles that require the manager to develop specific skills along with managing their application can provide a challenging environment to coach within.


Examples of these types of roles are sales management and project management. To receive the benefits of coaching for their team, managers in these roles need to move rapidly between different types of coaching. They need to coach differently for skill development, performance gaps and career development. 


Metta offers tailored manager as coach programs for these types of roles. Specific programs include Coaching Sales Excellence, Coaching Project Excellence, Coaching Innovationand Coaching for Compliance, a program for clinical nurse supervisors (See Health Care).  

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