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Health Care 


Health care professionals know that patient compliance and medical symptom reduction are complex issues influenced by many factors. 


The challenge is that most of us find health related behaviors very difficult to adjust. The opportunity is that these diseases can inspire us to change in ways that profoundly benefit patients. 


Meta combines the science of self-change, the art of coaching, and the knowledge of behavioral medicine to address this challenge and create sustained positive change that impacts the whole of people’s lives.


There are two aspects to this. 


  1. The first involves Coaching Skills Development programs for clinical nurse specialists. This enables greater success with facilitating patients to become committed and compliant to treatment regimes. The developmental program for nurses involves training, coaching and action learning to ensure skills are embedded to an extent that they can be confident of their use with life threatening illnesses. This program will assist any health professional to motivate positive behavioral change in their patients.


  1. The second aspect is the development and delivery of Medical Symptom Reduction programs for particular disease states. These programs facilitate patient behaviors that will create wellness in the context of illness and also provide social support. 


The Medical Symptom Reduction programs involve a tailored approach to meditation, nutrition and exercise behaviors for a particular disease state, the development of resourceful thinking patterns around health issues and the provision of social support for the patient group.


Applications include renal disease, diabetes, cardiac disease, chronic pain and insomnia and more.


Program benefits

  • Greater patient compliance to treatment regimes

  • Improved work- life satisfaction for clinical nurse supervisors

  • Improved health outcomes for patients

  • Decreased healthcare costs for society.


Metta can introduce these techniques to your clinical program to ensure patients experience the best in healthcare. Please refer to our detailed outlines of these programs:


  • Coaching Skills for Nurses

  • Medical Symptom Reduction

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